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The Play Along MP3s have no drum track and are excellent for practicing at your own pace. They're available in many different styles and will allow you to deeply explore your creativity.

The Test of Time

Test of Time

The Test of Time

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Quick Overview

Can you keep time within the spaces? 74 challenging minus drums tracks and charts. Check out the three-song preview!

Product Description

The Test of Time package contains 74 challenging minus drums play-along tracks, specifically designed and guaranteed to develop your groove.

Each track gives a suggested four-bar groove and is immediately followed by a two-bar count in. The song begins and the accompanying music will play long enough for you to get into a groove. The music will then drop out for 1 - 6 measures and the challenge is to keep playing in time until the music starts again

This is where you’ll find out how your playing stands up to the Test of Time!

Along with the minus-drums play along tracks, you’ll receive pdf charts for every drum track.

The Test of Time is Volume 10 of the Turn it Up & Lay it Down collection.

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