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MP3 Play Along Tracks

The Play Along MP3s have no drum track and are excellent for practicing at your own pace. They're available in many different styles and will allow you to deeply explore your creativity.

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Pearl Updater Application: PC | Mac
Mac and PC program that can be used to install new sounds on your Redbox.

MIDI Utilities

These programs will allow you to save your User Presets for the Original Redbox Factory and Memory Switch kits.

Helpful files:

Original Redbox Factory Kits (zip)
Original set of sounds that were installed in your Redbox from the factory.

ePro Live Bass Drum Template (pdf)
Use this template to properly install the Tru-Trac Bass Drum Head. Measure where the beater strikes the batter head and position the center of the template to match this beater strike height regardless of bass drum diameter.


Redbox V2 Firmware
Fifty new custom programs were created to make it a total 150 drum kits in the library. They run the gamut from Acoustic, Hybrid, Electronic, EFX and one man Rhythm Sections and the last two kits are programmed with the kick and snare using the Aux out for discreet mixing.

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